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Tarpon and bull shark tested

I'm a charter Capt, lifelong guide now semi-retired. I've used every major brand of reel in a long career. The FFP reels I use are my favorite and I'm eventually replacing everything I own with them. This summer I got to try out the 6000 Resolute on our Winyah Bay Tarpon and oversized bull sharks. I personally caught tarpon over 100 lbs. Super smooth drag. Bull sharks unintentionally hooked fishing for tarpon up to several hundred lbs. Clients were blown away a reel so light didn't fade on 200 yd runs. One big bull even gave us a rare complete out of the water jump. I estimated it at 250 lbs. It takes a lot to impress me with fishing equipment. I am impressed with the FFP line of reels I use from speckled trout size to big tarpon reels.

Reel busy shark charters

I have been using these reels for three years now just about every day never clean them and be honest with you I don’t think I’ve ever oiled them and I have not had any problems except for knob came off 2 of the handle .I just purchased 10 more.

FFP Reel Service
David Sybert
Fast and difference maker

This service is one of the main reasons I continue to put these reels in my customers’ hands. They stand behind their products and tune them up when they’ve been abused for seasons.

Vicarious Charters

FFP Reel Service
Karl Schneider
Great Service!

I had a few things wrong with my CE3000 from 2 years of heavy use. FFP fixed em and improved the performance! speedy turnaround too! would totally recommend their products and service.

Slick performing reel!

A smooth operating reel, that casts like far! Definitely produces if you know what you are doing!

Salos reel

This is an amazing reel. I have caught drum, flounder, and many other fish with it the drag is incredibly smooth and the 3000 series handles fighting these fish very well. I highly recommend this reel. Brian B.

15# Distance Braid

This line lives up to its name. It casts smooth and far.

Salos Spinning Reel
Anthony Corveddu
It's Great

I love my Salos reels. If you're looking for a great looking reel that is smooth and has tons of drag, your search is over. I currently own 6 and plan on buying more in the future.


It’s a super nice and good looking hat!

Another great reel from FFP

Nice heavy duty reel for my saltwater adventures

EVA Power Handle
Michael Kiker

It did not fit my reel .


Great reel has held up nicely caught some big reds an a couple snook on em so far

Never again

Great rod if you don’t fish. Dropped one time on dock and snapped 8” off the tip. If a fishing rod can not handle the slightest of abuse, then it’s not worth a dime. 180$ gone.

Salos spinning reel

Very smooth drag, reel holds braid good and casts a good distance. Seams like a great saltwater reel. I have had good success with all of FF products I have bought . And highly recommend them.

FFP Reel Service
Henry C Ryan JR
Fantastic Service

I love my reel, and I love being able to have it babied once a year. Shout out to Kyle who in my opinion is the BEST customer service around!

Good value

I've been using the 20 and 30 lb. Distance braid for about two months now. It seems to hold up very well. No undue fraying (abrasion) or snags. Passes through the eyelets smoothly. Good product. Very convenient when purchasing a reel to just have them spool it for you for $25.

FFP Reel Service
Brandon G.
Smooth again

It's nice to pay a small fee and have a like new reel again. Fast shipping, great customer service and a quality reel.


Purchased the Osprey CE 3000 and 4000 six weeks ago. Upgraded from Penn Fierce III 4000. Night and day difference. So much smoother. I expected some improvement, but not this much. So nice. Good product at a good price.


Affordable and Stout. More drag than others in its class. Smooth and reliable are an understatement

Awesome reels!

I received the new Resolute reels and absolutely love them. I am also excited to try the new Salos Spinning Reels. Thanks for a great product.

Excellent reel

I bought 2 Osprey 2500 CE reels. First use of them was in the Everglades. Very lightweight. Very smooth drag. Great balance with my G Loomis rods. Several snook in the 30 inch class . Great fight in tight conditions. Juvenile tarpon as well. Very pleased with the reel and now I will be a repeat customer. Thanks for making such a great affordable product. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the new Bahia Saltwater reel for my next purchase

Wind knots

This line is longest and smoothest casting braid that I have ever used but the wind knots are way too many to deal with
The reels are excellent but the braid not so much


The new reels are handling every species of we have hooked.. strong drags and smooth roller bearings make them a great tool for my business.. with over 300 days a year as a charter captain it very important that I can rely on my tools.. keeps me fishing day after day.. Capt. Eli Rico

EVA Power Handle
Jorge Erosa

Best Handel I have used highly recommend it to all my customers. It makes my reel that much better

Seem to be awesome.