Meet Our Team

Big Fish Kenny G

FFP Reel Technician

“I don't only catch big fish, but I only fish for big fish."

While Big Fishing Kenny G is known for catching big fish, he's also the face behind FFP's superb Reel Service Program. When he isn't busy catching fish, he's knuckles deep in reel grease as he takes even the most worn reels and brings them back to life.

Capt. Kyle Groh

FFP Office Manager

“That guy!? He's on my list..."

Capt. Kyle eats, breathes, and sleeps Redfish. When he isn't stalking the spooky Reds in Tampa Bay, he's likely traveling to "The Hatch" to chase their less pressured Redfish. The man just loves Redfish, and he knows the importance of having the right gear for them. Which is why he's always quick to make sure each and every customer has what they need when they need it...Even if it means packing up orders at 4 AM before his next scouting mission.

Kale* Wilson

FFP Sales Director

“Let me pull out the ole butter knife on em..."

If you've never talked to Cael Wilson, you're worse off for it. Cael makes it a point to put a smile on every person that he meets. It's in his nature. And he's the heart and soul behind our Guide & Retail Programs. Cael believes in building relationships and partnerships where all parties are better off than they were before. And if something aren't right, he's the first one to take the blame and make sure things are the way the should be.

Ty Nelson

FFP Founder

“Let me pull out the ole butter knife on em..."

Ty is known for his relentless effort to sight cast to fish. It doesn't matter the conditions, he's always holding out for the opportunity to trick a fish into eating his lure. It's this passion for sight fishing and conserving the fisheries he's been blessed to enjoy that led him to start FFP with his buddy Tim back in April of 2016.

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