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We recommend quarterly, bi-annual, or annual service depending on the amount of use your fishing reels get. Florida Fishing Products has an in-house service department that would love to take care of your service needs for all your Florida Fishing Products reels.

    A few notes:

    1. This product includes the price of shipping the reel(s). We will send you a return label upon receiving your order.
    2. Average turn around time is 5-7 business days.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    erik neikirk
    Great teel

    This reel is smooth. The reel cast well and performs on par with my other reels that cost the same amount.

    Bob Antczak
    Small skiff problems

    I fish out of a ranger banshee (small skiff) hit reel with my knee in the rod holder on way to get net.
    The reel foot broke on impact at the rod handle. I thought I was just out of luck but FFP fixed it and service reel for the price of regular service. Couldn’t be happier that I’ve chosen these reels to have on my skiff. Fast efficient and inexpensive service.
    Highly recommend there products
    I’ll be making future purchases

    Steven Garland
    Amazing !!!

    So I sent in a reel I got 2nd hand from someone who obviously didn't take care of it. After shoot emails back and forth,I sent it in. Wow,the turn around time was 4 days which shocked me.

    The reel,which was VERY sticky and geary,bent handle and everything came back feeling like a brand new reel.

    Thanks again guys,you are amazing. I wish I could send all my reels to them !!!

    Joshua Regans
    Osprey 8000

    Great reel and was shipped the same day. You not find a better fishing company than Florida Fishing Products

    Billy Rotne
    Fast and easy reel service.

    The service process was fast and easy, reels were like new when I got them back.