Creating a culture of conservation-minded anglers.

Our #FishBetter Campaign isn’t about putting more fish in the boat, rather it is about ensuring that anglers have a future of being able to get out and fish. There’s no arguing that development has put significant pressure on our environment over the past 100 years; and if we continue to neglect our lakes, rivers, and oceans and the tributaries, marshes, and coastline that filter, protect, and make up these bodies of water, there will likely be few places left to fish. While this may sound extreme, the founders of Florida Fishing Products have seen first-hand the degradation of the Caloosahatchee River in their backyard in North Fort Myers, Florida over the last 20 years; and we all continue to hear of ecological catastrophes all too regularly.

It is with a lot of conviction in our hearts, that Florida Fishing Products boldly stands for the conservation of our marshlands, coastlines, rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. To help further the efforts of the 501©3 Non-Profits that so graciously sacrifice so much to fight for our fisheries and estuaries, Florida Fishing Products gives back a portion of sales to these conservation organizations. See our partnerships and some of our work here.

In addition, we have taken it upon ourselves to help create a culture of responsible, conservation-minded anglers who put the future of our estuaries above their own personal interests. Changing the way anglers think of the fisheries they love to fish begins with education, and we are committed to providing valuable information needed to help make these changes.

Finally, Florida Fishing Products has begun to work with other small businesses, fishing clubs, and local non-profit organizations to set up community clean-ups throughout the state of Florida. Removing trash from our shorelines helps ensure that less plastic and other harmful waste makes it into the estuaries we love to fish, and gives communities an opportunity to educate others on the importance of properly disposing of waste.

Fish Better. Fish Florida.

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