Marine & Tackle Reel Care Kit

Marine & Tackle Reel Care Kit

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The Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Reel Care Kit is an all-in-one fishing reel maintenance kit that includes all of the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle products required to clean, lubricate, and protect your fishing reels. Included with a convenient carrying case, the Clenzoil Reel Care Kit comes complete with Clenzoil’s signature Marine & Tackle Solution, Synthetic Reel Grease, and all of the necessary tools to break down and clean any type of fishing reel.

Reel Care Kit Contents:

 1 - 1oz. Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler
 1 - 2 oz. Marine & Tackle Pump Sprayer
 1 - 0.5 oz. Synthetic Reel Grease Syringe
 1 - Double Sided Nylon Brush
 1 - Reversible Screwdriver
 1 - 8” x 8” Microfiber Towel

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Customer Reviews

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Calos Calzadilla
everything is included

I finally found the right package to keep all my reels well maintained and corrosion free for my saltwater fishing use, not having to track and buy them individually.

Convenient ki

This kit is small and versatile which makes keeping it on your boat, or in your tackle box when needed, really convenient. Now when a problem comes up that I need a little lubricant, or protectant, I have everything I need in this small carry case.

Leo Melody
Reel Maintenence

Necessary supplies to keep the equipment fishing ready. Great service and products for all reel types.

James Cross

Great leader material. Cleaning kit is perfect for keeping inshore rods in great shape