The Three Kings – Capt. Wes Thompson


My true passion is just these flats boats, dude. I enjoy showing people the keys and everything and how it is. It’s enjoyable when you see people catch their first Tarpon, Snook, Permit, or whatever. It’s something I like to do.

You need a guide. Your average guide will show you plenty of fish, but it’s just getting the fish to bite.

The tarpon fishing, man. Those guys love em. They’re one of the hardest when it’s not tarpon season. It’s probably one of the most sought-after gamefish people travel down here to catch.

Islamorada, Marathon and Key West are ideal. The Everglades, the National Park is a little 35 mile run from Marathon. It’s about 18 miles from Islamorada. You can bounce around all through there. There’s the gulf out here. The atlantic on one side. You can bounce all through there. Always find a high tide. It’s just the place to be if you like to chase Bonefish Tarpon and Permit, The Three Kings.

“You got any nicknames for Permit?”

Ahhhhhh, pain in the ass, dude. Cause they ain’t ever there. It’s the toughest fish to catch in Marathon, and that’s just what I like to do.