Tampa Bay Community Clean Up


The “Three C’s” as we like to call it. When Tim and I started Florida Fishing Products, we had a strong conviction to give back to the fishing community as much as possible. We were fortunate to have been raised on the water, and have a passion to help protect and preserve that gift for our future children and grandchildren.

This past weekend we were able to take a big step in the right direction when it comes to fulfilling our mission to help preserve and protect the estuaries that we love to fish. Together with the help of Tampa Bay Fishing Club, and multiple local companies, we were able to assemble a team of 100 volunteers to help clean up Tampa Bay.

Where I was located at Cockroach Bay, we had 20 volunteers join us in our efforts to clean up a ramp that I personally love to fish. We set up camp about a quarter of a mile down the road from the ramp, and our team worked both sides of the roads all the way down to the ramp. In total we filled nearly two truck beds full of trash bags, and returned to our tent early for lunch after completely cleaning up the entirety of the walkable areas of Cockroach Bay Boat Ramp.

At Gandy – West End, where Tim was located, nearly 80 anglers volunteered their time for the cause. A phenomenal turn out for an event planned in under three weeks! In total, they were able to entirely fill a one ton trailer with garbage. Most importantly, they were able to share the importance of picking up after ourselves with multiple kids.

Food was served; donated fishing gear, guided trips, and more was given away; two heavily used launch locations were cleaned; and a great time was had by all who joined!

We’d like to thank Josh Venne, Max, Ryan Hein, and Billy Sanders for all of the help with the event! Also a big thank you to the following companies for their support in making this TBFC Community Clean Up possible:

Tampa Bay Fishing Club

Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful


Bull Bay Rods

Flats Mafia Radio

Barracuda Tackle

Hubbard’s Marina


Zac Sturm Fishing

Pawn Max

Florida Matt’s Reel Man Jerky

Thank you to all who volunteered last weekend. We look forward to setting up another event soon!

Good Fishing,

-Ty Nelson