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As a company in the fishing industry, Florida Fishing Products is made up of a team of anglers who are passionate about the work that they do here at FFP and also about the they areas that they fish. We've all seen the degradation of the estuaries we love to fish first-hand, and it is our hope that through conservation, education, and restoration, we will be able to continue to enjoy and share our fisheries here in Florida for future generations to come. One of the main issues Florida has run into over the last few years is loss of critical habitat that our marine wildlife needs to survive. In this article, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust explains the issues Florida's natural habitats currently face, and ways in which anglers can get involved to help in this fight.

Anglers are the Voice for Habitat

Currently, our state fisheries are managed using bag limits, slot sizes and seasonal closures, but we are still seeing a downward trend of many recreationally harvested and catch-and-release only species. The reason is the vast decline in habitat (both quantity and quality) in Florida. It is time for anglers to advocate for the inclusion of habitat in fisheries management. Read on to learn about why we need habitat in fisheries management and how you can make a difference.


Contact FWC

To contact FWC with concerns about coastal habitats or to advocate for habitat in marine fisheries management, click HERE and fill out the form.

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