3% Back to Conservation

Florida Fishing Products is committed to the Three C’s: Customer Service, Community, and Conservation. As a company founded by passionate anglers, promoting conservation and the health of the estuaries we love to fish is in our DNA. In 2018, FFP is making an effort to not only give back by way of their community clean ups, but also by making every purchase have a positive impact.

“It’s no secret that Florida is having some major water management issues. Sewage spills are now a regular occurrence after any substantial rainfall, agriculture and local run off are spurring algae blooms across Florida’s bays and lagoon systems, and seagrass and oysters are dying off at alarming rates. The public doesn’t seem to be very aware of these issues, but anglers who have been on the water even over the past 5 years have seen the changes. We believe that educating others on the problems our estuaries face is the only hope of preserving and restoring our estuaries for future generations to enjoy, and that is why we've teamed up with multiple conservation organizations centered around educating the public on these issues.” – Ty Nelson, Co-Founder of FFP.

There are hundreds of conservation organizations across the United States, but FFP has partnered with a select few that share FFP’s values for protecting, preserving, and sometimes also restoring the areas that we love to fish. Captains for Clean Water, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Calusa Waterkeeper, and Coastal Conservation Association are certainly not the only good conservation organizations out there, but they are the four that FFP has partnered up with in an effort to make a difference that Florida’s waterways so desperately need.

“We originally wanted to give 5% of all online sales to our conservation partners, but we felt that we could offer so much more as we transition into retail shops in 2018. After some talking, as a company we decided we would give 3% of ALL sales back to conservation. After all, there won’t be a “Florida Fishing Products” if there are no longer any healthy estuaries left to fish."

Fish Better. Fish Florida.