New Year, New Reel

            Sorry for the wait! But the NEW Osprey Spinning is FINALLY here! We’ve been diligently listening to the feedback that our anglers have been sending us, and we’re excited to announce we’ve made some MAJOR changes to our reels. When we first set out to develop the BEST fishing reel the fishing industry had ever seen, we had three characteristics in mind: light-weight, sleek, and durable. We, and many of you, were very pleased with our first model of Osprey Spinning Reel; but we knew we had a lot of work to do to achieve the monumental goal we had in front of us.

            Utilizing the feedback received from our FFP Guides, FFP Ambassadors, and FFP Anglers, we pinpointed some key changes that would make this NEW version of the Osprey Spinning Reel a step above our previous model. With our original thoughts of developing a light-weight, durable, and sleek spinning reel in mind, we knew we’d hit the nail on the head with our latest modifications.

            We believe this Osprey Spinning Reel is by far our best fishing reel yet. With a new ultralight carbon rotor, all sizes of Osprey Spinning Reels are now over a half ounce lighter than their previous model -- answering the requests of many of the artificial anglers who have been so kind to provide us with their feedback. In addition, we’ve upgraded our roller to our new CRB Roller System to help combat the unfortunate issue of noisy roller bearings that seems to be plaguing the saltwater spinning reel market. A valuable addition for our FFP Guides and other FFP Anglers who use their fishing reels day in and day out in some of the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Finally, we decided to throw a little something extra into the mix by entirely blacking out our new reels. One piece of feedback we’ve repeatedly received was that anglers LOVED our all black reel, so we decided why not completely black out the NEW Osprey Spinning Reel?

            We want to thank all of you for your continued support and for the valuable feedback you’ve given us so far. We’re extremely excited for the launch of our new Osprey Spinning Reel, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our changes. We believe that together we can develop the best products in the fishing industry, AND ensure the future of our estuaries for generations to come.

Oh yeah. We dropped the prices by $15. Good Fishing!

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