Fishing Tampa Bay w/ Captain Mike Goodwine of Blackneck Adventures

Tampa Bay is a thing of beauty. This time of year the water is crystal clear, and for February the weather seems to be warmer than normal which seems to have helped turn on the bite. The other week I was blessed to be able to go out fishing with Captain Mike Goodwine a well-known fishing guide out of Tampa Bay, FL. This is definitely something I have wanted to do for some time now, so I am extremely thankful for the time I had on the water.

Fishing with Mike Goodwine of Blackneck Adventures in Tampa Bay

Captain Mike Goodwine is known as one of the “top guides” in Tampa Bay and for good reason too. He simply slays fish. If you follow his Instagram you understand. Not only does he slay fish, but he makes sure his clients have a great time on the water as well. Overall the day turned out to be an excellent day of fishing. We caught an inshore slam two or three times over. This happened without a doubt because of his experience as a fishing guide. The years and time on the water made the difference from an average day of fishing to a day filled with non-stop action.

Fishing with Captain Mike Goodwine in Tampa Bay

In the morning the tide was extremely low, the flats and oyster bars were sticking out of the water which made it hard to get to the spots Mike initially planned to fish. This didn’t stop him from putting us on fish though, we were able to get into a spot that was filled with snook and when I say filled, I mean FILLED. For the first few hours of the day we sat catching snook as the tide came in. Fish were busting left and right and we were hooked up more than not. In all honesty, we probably would have been ok with staying there all day and catching snook and trout, but Captain Mike had bigger and better plans.

Brandon and Drew with Double Snook

Drew with a Tampa Bay Seatrout

Tim with a Snook on Blackneck Adventures

We left decent sized fish to find bigger fish, so we headed to another spot where Mike thought we would get into some bigger redfish. We didn’t at first, but we managed to catch a few larger snook. As time went by we were still catching snook and most other fishing guides were leaving the area we were fishing, but Mike seemed pretty confident that the redfish would start rolling in and that they did indeed. We ended the day catching two stud 33 inch redfish one in which walloped two of our baits!

Brandon & Drew fishing on Blackneck Adventures

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Barracuda Tackle & Captain - Mike Goodwine

Drew with a Snook

Tim with a Snook

Tim releasing a Snook into Tampa Bay

Drew & Captain Mike Goodwine with a Redfish

Drew with an overslot redfish

Redfish with two

Tim with an overslot Redfish

Tim Sommer and Captain Mike Goodwine of Blackneck Adventures

Tim Sommer Releasing a redfish

Captain Mike Goodwine of Blackneck Adventures

If you're in Tampa Bay and looking to have an awesome day on the water, book a trip with Capt. Mike Goodwine of Blackneck Adventures!


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