Everglades City Still Picking Up The Pieces

In September, Florida Fishing Products was fortunate to have time to lend a hand to the residents of Everglades City in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We were shocked by what we witnessed. Piles of rubbish lined the roads; all businesses were closed; and every single first story home was devastated. In most homes, there was at least three feet of water during the storm. To give you an idea, you’d be in water up to your neck if you were sitting on a couch in the living room of one of these homes.

While our initial reaction was to collect supplies to donate to those in need, we quickly found out that our items were not needed. We were turned away multiple times when attempting to donate food items, and ended up sending most of it to friends in Puerto Rico thanks to the help of the team over at I Am Program. What was immediately apparent though was that these fellow Floridians truly needed OUR help.

After speaking with numerous residents and a couple of individuals organizing relief efforts in Everglades City, we decided to round up as many helping hands as possible. Together with the FFP team, MANG, and FGCU Fishing Club, we had 20 volunteers work for two days to help out wherever we could.

From something as simple as moving a waterlogged mattress to a task as work intensive as gutting the entire inside of a local business, we made the most of the time we had. Although we feel that we made a huge impact in such a small amount of time, there is still so much more work to do.

We encourage you to help us share the word. Our friends in Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico still need our help. Consider volunteering your time to help a family in need.

Contact Info for Volunteers:

Karen Cochran – 239-777-2614