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If you’re an outdoorsman, you NEED to check out the new Cast and Blast Florida Podcast! Hosts, Capt. Travis Thompson and Nate Henderson, are serious outdoorsmen, but they don’t like to take themselves too seriously. Their podcast is all about having a good time while talking about anything and everything outdoors related. If you haven’t already, check out their recent episodes.

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Capt. Travis Thompson

Capt. Travis Thompson is a 5th generation Floridian and full-time fishing and waterfowl guide.

Born in Central Florida, Travis grew up fueled by a love for the outdoors, be it chasing snook or doves or turkeys or teal . . . In addition to the time he spends guiding folks after the snook or duck of a lifetime, he has been published in multiple magazines and is a frequent contributor to Outdoors 360,, the Pointing Dog Journal, and Gunn & Hook’s Outdoor Journal.

When he’s not chasing tarpon or wood ducks, Travis spends most of his time with his wife of 6 years, Emily (often heard as a producer on the show), and his kids, Olivia (17) and Will (11).



Nate Henderson


Nathan (Nate) Henderson is a Florida native, avid outdoorsmen, and the former owner of Southern Archery Outfitters, one of the premier Archery shops in Central Florida.

Born in Winter Haven, Nate was raised chasing snook on the beaches of Southwest Florida, where it’s rumored he caught his first fish BEFORE he said his first word.  Unable to resist the draw of the outdoors, every available opportunity found Nate in the Green Swamp pursuing turkey or hogs, chasing ringers on a local lake, or traipsing around the central Florida hardwoods hoping to intersect with something he could aim an arrow at.

When he’s not busy with his new role as an Archery technician, Nate can be found playing guitar or at Grove Roots Brewery (particularly on steak night), or planning his next full moon fishing trip.


Be sure to listen in to Episode #13: What I Want for Christmas Part 1

as FFP Co-Founder, Ty Nelson, and FFP Director of Sales, Wyler Gins, join Cast and Blast Florida Podcast to share their Christmas Wish List.

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