2020 Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad

So you love your dad, but have no clue what to get him for Father's Day? Well if he loves fishing, then we have you covered! In this article we will talk about our 2020 Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad. Whether you're looking to spend $10 or $1000 on dear ole Dad this Father's Day, we have the perfect Father's Day Fishing Gifts for your Dad! To make this easy on you, we're going to break down our 2020 Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad article by budget. 

Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad - Under $100

If you're anything like us, your pops took you fishing as a kid and buying him a gift for Father's Day doesn't even begin to repay him for all he's done for you...but hey it's a great start! If you're anything like us, you're probably also ballin' on a budget, so here are some great Father's Day Fishing Gifts under $100.

FFP Logo Trucker - Was $32.99 Now $24.99

Whether or not your dad loves fishing, there's about a 99% chance he loves a good hat. And with our first gift of our 2020 Father's Day Gifts for Dad, we are offering your pops just that, a dang good hat. Our FFP Logo Trucker hats are extremely comfortable out of the box, super breathable with the mesh back, and fit a large majority of heads with the nifty snap back. A perfect Father's Day Gift for Dad under $25!

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Infinity 100% Fluorocarbon - $11.49+ 

Now if your dad is anything like our dads, he probably has more knots in his back pocket from his boy scout days than you could even begin to believe. If that's the case, then believe that he will love our new Infinity 100% Fluorocarbon Leader. This fluoro has superb knot strength, but is soft enough to make tying and cinching down complex knots a breeze.


 Distance Braided Fishing Line - $17.99+

If we know anything about dads, it's that they want to hold onto things as long as they possibly can. When it comes to fishing with braided line, there is no place for being stingy. Braided line can wear down quickly as it gets used more than any other tool on dear old dad's boat. Do him a favor, and update his old faded braided line with our new Distance Braid. It will be a Father's Dad Gift he will thank you for!

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FFP Logo Vinyl Decal - $4.99 

If your dad's boat sits outside or is used regularly, then the decals on his boat probably look like Capt. Kyle Groh's decals on his boat...ROUGH! A new vinyl decal is an inexpensive yet thoughtful Father's Day Gift for Dad. While this one doesn't break the bank, it will certainly put a smile on dad's face when he looks at the clean new vinyl decal on his boat, cooler, or truck!

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Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad - Over $100

Maybe you're not like us...and you have a real job (instead of chasing a dream of developing the best saltwater spinning reel and helping restore the estuaries we love to fish along the way!) and you'd like to spend a little more on your Father's Day fishing gift for dad. Well you're in luck -- and not just because you have a steady pay check -- but because we have some awesome fishing products that will make perfect Father's Day fishing gifts for dad.

Osprey Saltwater Series Spinning Reel - $164.99+

Now if your dad thinks he's the reel deal OG big daddy fish slayer...then you probably don't need to further inflate his fishing ego. However, you could solidify yourself as the BEST Father's Day fishing gift giver ever if you gifted your fishy dad an Osprey Saltwater Series Spinning Reel. These reels are designed for catching BIG gamefish in saltwater, and we offer a 1-Year Warranty and $35 service and rebuilds to back this reel up. This is a safe bet for giving your fishy dad the best Father's Day fishing gift.

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Osprey Carbon Edition Spinning Reel - $194.99+

Now if your dad actually IS an OG Big Daddy Fish Slayer, then he probably already knows about this reel. However, you might not. The Osprey Carbon Edition (CE) is as it sounds...extremely light weight feeling and smooth reeling. This spinning reel is designed for throwing artificial lures from sun up to sun down. This year alone, we've had multiple teams place in the Top 5 (including a 1st and 2nd place finish) using the Osprey CE in Florida's largest redfish tournaments. If that doesn't convince you, just read the reviews on the Osprey CE product page. This gift is DEFINITELY one of our top 2020 Father's Day Fishing Gifts for Dad, so be sure to check it out!

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Bull Bay Rods - $164.99+

Now if your dad really is an OG Big Daddy Fish Slayer, then he has probably broken his fair share of rods. Even the best of the best have equipment failure from time to time, which is almost expected when you're catching monsters day in and day out. In the event that your pops has his favorite reel currently without a rod to pair it with then a Bull Bay Rod may be a perfect Father's Day Gift for your Dad. Bull Bay Rods are hand wrapped in Florida; built with the highest quality blanks, guides, and reel seats; and boast a lifetime warranty. We have a wide range of rods that can be shipped directly to dad's door, so be sure to check these bad boys out!

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