Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel
Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel

Osprey Saltwater Series (SS) Spinning Reel

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The Osprey Saltwater Series Spinning Reel is the inshore saltwater angler's dream reel. With our Quiet Dry Roller System, Reinforced Gears, and Dual Sealed C-Wave Drag System, the Osprey Saltwater Series Spinning Reel was designed to withstand the harsh saltwater conditions found from Texas to Florida, Florida to Maine, and other coastal fisheries across the globe.

Model 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000
Ball Bearings 7+1 7+1 7+1 7+1 7+1
Max Drag 18lbs 26lbs 31lbs 40lbs 49lbs
Gear Ratio 5.2:1 5.2:1 4.9:1 4.9:1 4.9:1
Weight 11.4oz 11.7oz 18.2oz 18.7oz 23.9oz
Line Capacity (mm-yds)

0.15-250, 0.20-200

0.20-250, 0.25-180

0.25-230, 0.30-190

0.30-230, 0.35-190 

0.35-300, 0.40-250

Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Joey Gates
Awesome Reels

Love both of my reels the the drags are very smooth and the quality top notch. I really like the light weight of the CE.

Joe Fabiani
Great reel

Very satisfied

Tim Klein
Lifetime Reels

I’ve been using Florida product reels for the last five years as good as any real you could ever buy. The bonus that I did not realize is the repair shop they have. As Reels get older in my business you are going to beat them up. I just sent back some of my old reels and now they’re like brand new. That’s the best thing about Florida Reels. Thank you so much for making such a product and having such a great staff all the best Tim Klein

Jason Mattozzi

Have replaced all of my reels with ospreys, fro. 3000 to the 8000. Very happy with their performance!

Tyler Starr
Best reel I’ve ever used

I will be honest, I was skeptical because I fish almost every day. Reels don’t seem to last with that sort of usage, and then add salt water they seem to bind up eventually and stop working. This one is my go to. It’s smooth, reliable, virtually indestructible. Combined with a Bull Bay rod, it’s the best combo money can buy. It casts like a dream, you feel every bite, and the smoothness of the drag and the reel means you fight the fish better with less chance of losing it. Great job, Florida Fishing Products. You’ve gained a lifelong customer.

The Breakdown (Saltwater Series 5000)

As Seen on TV

Tested on Redfish

Proven on Grouper

The Details

We'd like to introduce you to the Osprey Saltwater Series -- A finely forged, full metal body spinning reel that was designed for one thing: wrangling in BIG saltwater gamefish. Yes, we finally did it! We've introduced a 6000 and 8000 size spinning reel! The Osprey Saltwater Series runs from size 3000 to 8000 for you adrenaline seeking, undersized gear using, oversized minnow chasing anglers out there.

We've introduced a 3000 and 4000 size reel that are both perfect for inshore guides, tournament anglers, or weekend warriors looking to catch redfish, snook, trout, jacks, snapper, etc... while fishing Florida's awesome inshore fisheries. The 3000 and 4000 can be used with live baits or artificial baits, offers more drag capacity (up to 26 lbs!), boasts an over sealed reel frame and body (because we hate corrosion and noisy reels too), comes standard with a braid ready spool, and has a fantastic new EVA foam handle that we believe is suited for technical anglers and less-experienced fish wranglers alike.

In addition, we've introduced our 5000 & 6000-size spinning reel for you giant Snook and Redfish wranglers who just love to fight BIG gamefish in super heavy structure (disastrous bridge pilings, barnacle encrusted dock pilings, and jagged rock jetties). Not only are these reels made with marine grade aluminum, but they also wield reinforced gears that were tested on and specifically designed for BIG gamefish (overslot Redfish, overslot Snook, goliath Gag Grouper, jumbo Mutton Snapper, monster Jacks, mid-sized Tarpon, etc...) Of course, with an increase in reel size, we figured we'd do the logical thing and increase the drag capacity on the 5000 to 31 lbs and the 6000 to 40 lbs. Now some of you might be saying, "now how the heck did they go and do that"? That's a fantastic question! We not only changed up the design of the carbon fiber discs to a more effective design, but we also changed up the design of the coil within the drag knob that actually applies pressure to the drag system. Typically, this coil is a simple coil that applies inconsistent pressure to the drag discs...but we weren't shooting to develop your typical reel. With the help of our engineers, we've introduced a NEW "wave" coil that applies even pressure to the carbon fiber drag discs found in the Osprey Saltwater Series which allows for a smoother drag and increase drag capacity.

Finally! Florida Fishing Products is launching an 8000 size Osprey Saltwater Series Spinning Reel for all you MONSTER gamefish chasing addicts out there. I'm not too sure who in their right mind actually wants to wrestle with a 150 lbs tarpon for 45 minutes, but we've made a reel for you to do just that. With 49 lbs of drag, you can likely reel in ole Hitler (Boca Grande's most notorious hammerhead) who is lurking nearby in the hopes of eating that gargantuan Tarpon you've just brought boat side. Shoot, we have some buddies that would probably try their luck at wrangling in a megalodon shark with this 8000 size spinning reel if they weren't extinct. The 8000 Osprey Saltwater Series has more drag (49 lbs), more line capacity (310 yards of 65# braid), and more power than you'll probably ever need...unless you hook a megalodon.