Our Story

How it all started

Frustrated with a lack of concern for the areas they love to fish; and a continuing trend of inflated prices and lower quality products; FFP Founders, Ty Nelson and Tim Sommer, set out to make a difference.

We noticed that anglers were changing for the better while much of the fishing industry was changing for the worst. Anglers are more passionate now about protecting the water we all love to fish than ever before, but many of the large corporations we once supported are solely focused on increasing profits rather than taking note of and acting to fight the decline of the estuaries that their customers love to fish.

We’ve set out to be the difference in this industry. We want to take care of the anglers, support the fishing community, and fight for conservation. If a company isn’t on board with these simple principles, then they do not deserve our money.

That being said, our mission is simple. We desire to provide high-quality fishing products at an affordable price. In addition, we believe that man was created in God's image, and he calls us to be good stewards and exercise dominion over his creation. Therefore, we are committed to promoting the responsible management of our fisheries as well as creating a culture of conservation-minded anglers for generations to come.

Let's learn together. Let's grow together. Let's be the refreshing voice our industry needs. All while slaying fish and sharing incredible fish tales! For more information check out our #FishBetter campaign here.