If you're going to buy a fishing rod, read this

You might be considering a big name brand, but you should support a small business instead. Here's why:

Small businesses:

1. Offer better customer service

2. Work more hands on with customers to develop better products

3. Give more back to the communities they serve

At Florida Fishing Products, we provide high-quality fishing products, give back to conservation & restoration efforts, and seek to serve our anglers in all that we do.

Just ask our customers:

Thousands of anglers and hundreds of top fishing guides are already making the switch and putting their faith in our products and our team.

When you shop with FFP, you’re getting products tested by some of the best fishing guides on the planet backed by the best customer service.

The best part?

You’re supporting a small team of passionate fishermen who care about the estuaries you fish and want to give back more to the fishing community than they’ve received.

Do yourself (and your fisheries) a favor and check out a Bull Bay Rod HERE.