Let's Help Florida

Nearly every Floridian knows what it’s like to have a major hurricane predicted to make landfall and cause devastation to their homes, but very few know the reality of what it’s actually like to experience that devastation. Leaky roofs can be fixed, fallen trees can be removed and replaced, and power can be restored; but restoring one’s life after their home has been washed away or turned to rubble isn’t so simple.

For many Floridians, some simple yard clean-up was all that was needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. For those unfortunate residents who suffered severe damage from Hurricane Irma’s wrath, it could be months or even years before their normal lives can be restored. Currently, there are tens of thousands of Florida residents who are displaced due to flooding, impassable roads, and downed powerlines; and many more residents that have lost their homes and their livelihoods entirely.

While many of us are already beginning to get back into the swing of life, there are too many families to count still picking up the pieces. Where would you turn if you lost everything? What if you didn’t have family nearby? How do you pay for the every day necessities your family needs to survive? These are now the every day realities of many of our friends here in Florida.

Florida Fishing Products has begun working with Florida-based apparel company, MANG, in an effort to restore the lives of those impacted by Hurricane Irma. 100% of the proceeds from our “Hurricane Relief Shirt” will go back to helping those affected by Hurricane Irma. Support the cause today by purchasing your shirt at www.manggear.com.

Let’s Help Florida!