Help Support Our Friend And FFP Guide Brian Frazier!


Click Here to Donate to Capt. Brian Frazier’s GoFundMe Page!

My first impression of Capt. Brian Frazier was that he’s a heck of a fishermen. Within the first few weeks of joining our Guide Program, he was sending us pics of permit, cobia, and kingfish. You name it, he and his clients caught it. Interested in building a better relationship with a guy who was willing to support us from the beginning, Tim and I invited Brian to the Clean Water Gala hosted by Captains for Clean Water back in February. At the event we got to know Brian a bit better. We met his lovely wife Kathleen, talked about his two sons (one autistic and the other a soon to be graduate) and swapped some fishing stories (lies!). To say the least, we thought this guy was the real deal! A full-time guide, loving husband, father to an autistic son, and all around a stand-up guy. Then he decided to donate $250 of his hard-earned money on our behalf, because we were struggling to come up with a $1000 to donate to saving our waters due to our already very slim budget (Ballers on a budget…what can we say!). Needless to say, we can’t begin to thank him enough for his support. But this post isn’t about us. Today, our friend, Brian Frazier, needs our help!

Brian was taken to the hospital June 18th, 2017 due to seizures and disorientation.  He was released June 22nd only to be taken back June 25th due to extreme concern of his health.  After a long ten days and MANY tests the Doctors were able to pinpoint the issue.  Brian had a large abscess that was growing rapidly on his brain.  On June 29th Dr. Jaime Alvarez at Gulf Coast Hospital successfully removed the abscess from Brian’s brain.

Unfortunately, he has been out of work since June 18th and continues to be.  Brian is determined to get back on the water but was told by his physicians not to operate any heavy machinery for at least 6 months.  He continues to receive treatment and work through the aftermath of brain surgery.  His wife Kathleen has her hands full caring for both Brian and their autistic son Colin.

Now that Brian is home, and in stable condition, he could use your help!  Captain Brian does not have health insurance and the medical bills have started to pile up.  We are trying to raise money to help with hospital bills, therapy, and costs of everyday living (maintaining his household).   
A GoFundMe page has been created.  Every little bit helps!  All funds will go directly to the Frazier Family.  Dorothey Frazier (Brian’s mother) will be receiving the funds via direct deposit on behalf of Brian and Kathleen Frazier.

Click Here to Donate to Capt. Brian Frazier’s GoFundMe Page!

We encourage you to help our friend, Capt. Brian Frazier, by donating what you can. Thank you for your time and Good Fishing!

Thank you to Daron Dexter for the pictures!

-Ty Nelson