Epic Redfish and Gator Trout Fishing w/ 1Fish2Fish

"We traveled to Morehead City, North Carolina to check out a new redfish fishing spot and we scored the best day of fishing we have had on the baits we were using. These baits seemed to work better than live shrimp!"

The Z-man Shrimp seemed to work better than live shrimp!

Here is what we used:

Fishing Rod:

Favorite Fishing Phantom and Defender 7'0

Fishing Reel:

Florida Fishing Products Osprey 3000

Line: 15 lb braid

Leader: 15 lb flouro

Popping Cork


Z-Man ShrimpZ - Laguna Shrimp was the color that caught most

If you have never been to Morehead City then you definitely need to check it out. And when you do, make sure you go to Chasin' Tails - a local tackle shop - that Kristi and I were blown away by how nice the shop but more importantly the people were awesome.

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