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You might be considering a big name reel brand, but you should support a small business instead. Here's why.

Small businesses:

1. Offer better customer service
2. Work more hands on with customers to develop better products
3. Give back more to the communities they serve

At Florida Fishing Products, we produce high-quality fishing reels, give back to conservation & restoration efforts, and seek to serve our anglers in all that we do.

Just ask our customers:

Thousands of anglers and hundreds of top fishing guides are already making the switch and putting their faith in our reels and our team.

When you shop with FFP, you’re getting products tested by some of the best anglers on the planet backed by unparalled customer service.

The best part?

You’re supporting a small team of passionate fishermen who care about the estuaries you fish.

In 2021, we gave nearly $100,000.00 back to conservation.

Do yourself (and your fisheries) a favor and check out Florida Fishing Products.

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What our anglers say

Great reels, Great price, and Great Customer Service. Fish FFP reels everyday in the Tampa Bay saltwater. These reels have worked tarpon, gags, and big sharks to the boat. True reel for hardcore fishermen and I love them.

Jeremy F.

As a busy Charter guide I demand good quality gear that holds up. I recently purchased 2 Resolute reels to replace some older ones. They are excellent reels and have alteady brought in my personal best Red Grouper for the year. Both their inshore and offshore reels are excellent quality.

John B.

I have a 3 bull hay rods the banshee, the sniper and the assault. I have FFP CE 3000 on 2 of them and a FFP 4000 on the assault all perfom great with big snook, trout and redfish. I just bought a 4th (banshee) for my 13 year old son and put the FFP CE 2500 on it. I would recommend these rods to anyone who likes to fish.


Unmatched durability and strength first cast was to a school of 40 + pound Red Drum Florida reel,braid and fluorocarbon what an awesome combination I own 3 and will be buying more 5 stars all day long

Donny A.

I own two Osprey CE reels a 1000 and a 2500 and I use them to fish in the surf. I cast a lot of lures so I need the reels to be light and hold up. I have had no issue with these reels and they still are very smooth. For the price this will be my go to reel for salt and fresh water from here on out. I also love you can send the reels back for 42 dollars and have them cleaned. A service that typically cost double anywhere else.

Erik N.

I cannot say enough good about these reels. Having been a guide for some time now I can say honestly that I've gone through my fair share of reels over the years looking for something that would last. Well I bought my first set of FFP's 3 years ago and have continued to purchase. I currently have 25 reels from 3 different series and all have performed fantastic.

Todd V.

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