Tailer Made Tuesday

It had been far too long since the last time I caught a tailing redfish. In fact, the last time I went out the tide was too high, so it made it difficult to find the fish. I was able to catch a small snook from the mangroves and missed the few opportunities I had at sight casting to redfish cruising the mangrove lines. That day, my friend and pastor, Drew Tucker was able to land a nice redfish and a few baby snook from the mangroves.

This time around, I was more prepared. Looking at the tide charts, I noticed that there would be an opportunity to sign cast some tailing redfish during the afternoon incoming tide. So, I woke up bright and early to get some work done before Drew & another good friend, Brandon Whedbee picked me up to head out with the Kayaks.

As we started our paddle to the area we wanted to fish a rain cloud came over us and it began to pour. We got soaked, but after the rain ended the wind subsided and the water became glass. The flat was filled with mullet schools with redfish mixed in. It was not long before we saw redfish waving at us. Drew cast up into a pod of tailers and hooked up to what seemed like an over slot redfish. Unfortunately, he was unable to land the fish.

Continuing to work the flat I saw a few mullet schools off in the distance, so I began to work my way over to them. When I arrived two redfish started waving at me so I cast a chunk of mullet in front of them. The fish pounced on it and then the fight was on. A few minutes later I landed an upper to over slot redfish with the Osprey spinning reel. I took a few photos with the Nikon and called it a day. I caught my tailer, and I was happy about it (see pic below).

All in all, it was a great few hours on the water with some great people. Next time, I plan to use soft plastics and dare I say it, a top water lure. Anyway, thanks for reading another one of my quick fish stories! I look forward to the next adventure on the water. Over and out!