Snook on the Lows

Last Friday Ty Nelson and I went out to fish the low tide to see what we could drum up from an area that we have been long wanting to fish. We took the Gheenoe out and headed into the backwaters of Tampa Bay. These areas are some of my favorite place to fish for a few reasons. No wind, lots of fish, and ripping these fish out of the mangroves makes for some exciting fishing.

Within minutes of arriving at the spot, I cast my plug alongside a mangrove line. The outgoing tide was just starting to pick up, and baitfish and mullet schools filled the area. As the water rushed around the bend, I gave my lure a few twitches and bam! I caught a beautiful little Snook on the Osprey to start the day.

We continued to work the mangroves, and I was able to pull another snook out. We snapped a few photos and headed back out into the bay to do some sight fishing since the tide was almost all the way out.

As we pulled along, we saw a snook peek out from underneath the mangroves. Ty cast his lure and the moment the lure hit the water the Snook darted towards it and ziiinnnng! Fish on, Ty landed the Snook to finish the day.

Overall, it was a great few hours on the water. As always, keep those lines tight.