My Hunt For A Monster Redfish

This past weekend I was blessed once again to search for over slot tailing redfish. I regularly see photos of 40+ inch redfish, and Ty Nelson is always talking about them. He has caught them, and the most recent case was in the last IFA Kayak Fishing event that he fished. I wanted to target and catch one of these beasts on the Osprey, so this past weekend Ty and I loaded the yaks into his truck and headed to the east coast of Florida to fish Mosquito Lagoon.

We arrived at the launch and headed toward the first area we wanted to try. It was hot, barely any wind and the water was murky. However, the flats stood loaded with manatees, dolphin, and mullet. We fished the area for a while, and there was no redfish in sight. As we worked our way back toward the launch, we came across a lone redfish with its tail vertical.

I cast a piece of chunked mullet at it. Within a few minutes, the redfish tracked the scent of the chunk, and the fight was on! The Osprey started to scream. The fish was not the 50″ redfish I was looking for, but it was certainly over slot and a beautiful fish nonetheless.

Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

This fish was almost a perfect redfish, there wasn’t a blemish on it. The Osprey performed well, as expected and the circle hook did its job with a corner mouth hook set. The redfish gave me a great fight. I revived the fish and released it to fight another day.

As we continued our trek back to the launch, we approached a flat with some wakes pushing on it. Then I saw it, the fish I was looking for, a monster. It was the biggest tail I have ever seen. Unfortunately, we were unable to hook up, and we missed the small window of opportunity we had that day to catch the monster red. We finished out paddle in and then capped our day off by feasting on some excellent tacos from a local taco joint called Quillen’s Beach Shack.Even though I am still on the hunt for the monster red, I had a great day on the water. I was able to catch my first Mosquito Lagoon redfish and eat some great food at Quillen’s Beach Shack. Until next time, keep those lines tight!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Peep the video below! There is something about slow motion videos of fish over epic beats! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more awesome content!