Jack Attack

This past weekend I was privileged to join Ty Nelson and Captain Brian Sawyer in targeting some Tarpon. It was a hot, but beautiful day on the water. We started the day off searching for Tarpon, there was not much action on the surface and the birds were scarce. As the wind picked up we ventured upriver in search of smaller Tarpon.

When we arrived at our spot the Tarpon were there, but the bite was not on. After trying a few different baits we resorted to throwing paddle tails to try and provoke the fish into biting. Then I was able to hookup. As line started tearing off the Osprey we realized it was a good size Jack.

The Jacks were present and it was tough to fish around them. I can’t complain about the day one bit, though. We were able to jump a few Tarpon, and we all landed a few Jack.

It is always a blessing to get out on the water and it is always fun to fight Jack Crevalle. Pound for pound they are hard to beat. Tight Lines!