Flats Mafia TV (1.1) - Tampa Bay & Boca Grande

We recently had Flats Mafia on the Florida Fishing Show & Podcast and chatted with them about their new TV show on FOX Sun Sports. You can check that out here. Check out episode one of their TV show. You wont regret it!
This episode is giving you a background of who we are and what FlatsMafia is all about. We have a big cast as far as fishing shows go. There are 6 of us total - Dad, Abuelo, Bubba, Hawsy, Ginja, and Hurricane Paige. We are not your typical fishing TV show that's out there. We are filming our style of fishing and the reality of it. From the shenanigans all the way to the landing net... Well as much as the network will allow us anyway. In this episode we filmed in Tampa Bay and Boca Grande Florida, going after Redfish and Tarpon. We hope you enjoy it and please Subscribe to our channel. We air on Sunday Mornings on Fox Sun Sports at 8:30 am.