Christian Man Loses World-Record Tarpon - Refuses To Bow To Silver King

Tampa, FL – According to sources, a Christian man lost a possible World-Record Tarpon boat side today. The reason for losing the fish? Not quite what you’d think though. Pulled hook? Seems likely. Inadequate strength of line or leader? Happens all the time. But Divine Intervention? That’s hard to believe.

“Well I was pretty dang confident throwing my Osprey 5000 for these Tarpon. Sure, it might be considered a small reel for fighting these big gamefish; but, by God’s Grace, we were raised on the Caloosahatchee in Fort Myers, FL and used 4000 size spinning reels to fish for Tarpon all the time. In my mind, the 5000 was a bit of an upgrade,” stated the angler.

But the size of the Osprey 5000 Spinning Reel was not the issue for this potential world-record holder. In fact, the angler had nearly landed the behemoth before Divine Intervention caused him to lose the fish.

“Yeah man, I had that 300 lbs dinosaur boat side in under 20 minutes. And sure as shoot that son of a gun went for one last run and sky-rocketed into the air. Now I’ve always been told to “Bow to the Silver King” when they jump. But I’m a Christian man, and the only King I’ll be bowing to is the King of kings, Jesus Christ. So I lost the fish. I believe everything happens for a reason…It just wasn’t meant to be. Some might call it Divine Intervention, but I just call it fishing.”

Just Kidding.

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