Chasin' the Sun Ep. 5 - Secluded Bounty

As Captain Travis Holeman and Captain Justin Leake spend more time together on the water, they have begun to form a mutual trust and respect for one-another. Before heading out for the day, Justin and Travis stop to catch pilchards using Justin’s method of chumming and throwing the net. Their plan for the day was to use tower on their Islamorada Boatworks bay boat to sight fish schools of redfish off the beach. Good sunlight is necessary to increase visibility when sight fishing so Justin and Travis decided to head out to an artificial reef to catch amberjacks in the morning while waiting for the sun to get higher.

Light tackle set ups are a favorite for Justin and Travis when targeting amberjacks. Throwing flies, plugs, and live bait did not yield much success for the two captains, and after landing a few fish they decided to move on to chasin' redfish. The beaches around Panama City Beach hold many different species of fish. Justin mentioned that on a recent trip he had even seen a school of permit in the area. Unsure of what they might come across, Travis and Justin rigged up both a permit and a redfish rod and hoped for the best. Fishing very close to Tyndall Air Force Base, Justin and Travis were able to enjoy an epic scene in the sky with F-22 Raptor Jets flying above them. Without much success finding redfish or permit like Justin hoped, they began to work their way back to the dock. As they began to ride back they spotted the large school of redfish that he had recently seen on a trip. In no time they were on the fish and both Travis and Justin landed several nice reds.


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