Chasin' the Sun Ep. 4 - Redfish Cloaked

Cold fronts can be a winter time catastrophe in Florida. With temperatures dipping into the high 30s for multiple days at a time, most Florida natives develop a hatred for this time of year as seemingly everything shuts down throughout the state, including the fishing. As professional fishing guides, Captain Justin Leake and Captain Travis Holeman have no choice but to fish in these conditions when clients call.


In this episode of Chasin’ The Sun, the guys head out of Panama City Beach after a cold front in search of anything that will bite. Wind combined with chilly air temperatures and cold water take their toll on not only the anglers, but the fish as well. Throughout the day, Travis and Justin try several different areas and tactics in hope of catching redfish. While fishing the flats using top-water baits, Justin and Travis run into what is typically an unwelcomed surprise -- multiple aggressive Gafftopsail Catfish, commonly known as a sail cat, that were more than happy to smash their topwater baits. Eventually, the guys found success catching both redfish and seatrout fishing both docks and nearby flats using live and artificial baits. Captain Justin and Captain Travis may not enjoy the low temperatures of winter time cold fronts, but they are some of the best in the business when it comes to fishing in them.

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