Chasin' the Sun Ep. 3 - Paddleboard Therapy

On this episode of Chasin’ The Sun, Capt. Justin Leake and Capt. Travis Holeman try something a little different from their typical style of fishing. The guys decided to load up paddle boards on their 24 Morada Bay Boat and transport them deep into the marsh near Panama City Beach to chase shallow water redfish. When it comes to sight-fishing shallow water, anglers have always been constrained by how shallow their boat can take them and how quiet they can be. With advancements in technology and the development of stand-up paddle boards designed for fishing, known as SUPs, anglers can now fish in mere inches of water on a quiet and stable platform. 

The target species on this trip was redfish; with this in mind Justin and Travis chose Osprey 2500 Spinning Reels paired with light spinning rods for making long, accurate casts. Fishing from a paddle board is not an easy task, and puts anglers' balance, awareness, and ability to stalk and cast to the test. It took Travis some time for to get comfortable on his SUP as this was his first experience fishing on a paddle board. Justin used his competitive nature and prior experience fishing on SUPs to land multiple fish while Travis was still finding his balance. After getting their bearings straight both Travis and Justin proved that fishing from a paddle board is a great way to reduce impact on the environment and catch more fish in shallow water.

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