Chasin' the Sun Ep. 2 - Jet Setting Jacks

When two experienced fishing guides like Captain Justin Leake and Captain Travis Holeman share knowledge and tactics with each other, the results can be epic. In episode 2 of Chasin’ the Sun, Travis and Justin meet up to take advantage of nearly perfect conditions to chase amberjacks in the near shore waters of Panama City Beach. Amberjacks school up on reefs and wrecks where bait and life is plentiful.

The area Justin and Travis decided to fish was directly above two retired Air Force F 100 Voodoo Jets making this excursion both a history lesson and fishing frenzy. Amberjacks pull as Captain Justin would put it, “like a freight train” and when targeting them, only the best fishing reels will do. Amberjacks, or, “AJs” as they are known, will put anglers and their tackle through an intense workout often leaving them a little weary but stoked for the next bite. Using their 5000-size Osprey Spinning Reels along with both live and artificial baits, Travis and Justin make the best of a beautiful day on the water in Panama City Beach on this episode of Chasin’ the Sun.

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