5 Reasons Why Osprey Spinning Reels Are For You

Ospreys Spinning Reels are a relatively new addition to the saltwater fishing world, but they’re taking it by storm. There’s a massive variety of perks these fishing reels offer over competitors. Next time you’re looking for a new reel, here’s some great reasons why you should consider an Osprey fishing reel.


Lower Price Point

Osprey Spinning Reel Triple Tail

The Osprey Spinning Reel’s price point is considerably lower than those of other popular fishing reels on the market. The Shimano Sustain FG Spinning Reel, for example, is nearly double the price at around $300. The Stradic FK will run a fisherman a couple hundred as well, depending on the outlet purchased at.

Comparatively, the Osprey 3000 sits at a comfortable $164.99, with the Osprey 4000 only $10 more. Price is far from the only thing that Osprey reels hold over these competitors, but depending on your budget, it may be one of your most important.

There are other ways that the price point is kept low as well. Because of the high-quality construction of Osprey fishing reels, you won't need to replace your reel as often as you might. Osprey reels are solid and durable, and can take more than a few beatings without showing any signs of wear. You'll be saving on more than just the price tag with an Osprey.

Higher Drag Capacity

Osprey Spinning Reels

The higher drag capacity of an Osprey Spinning Reel is several times that of their competitors. Compared to the powerful drags of fishing reels like the Penn Conflict or Penn Clash, which sit between eight and fifteen pounds of power, Osprey Spinning Reels are a class on their own.

Osprey 2500 and 3000s pack an unheard of twenty-two pounds of drag. The Osprey 4000 and 5000s boast twenty-four pounds of drag. That means higher performance and an easier time tiring out the fish of your choosing. Whether you're fishing inshore or nearshore, the incredible drag capacity of the Osprey Spinning Reel is a phenomenal trait.

On top of that, you can expect a smoother feel reeling in your favorite gamefish thanks to the eleven stainless steel ball bearing system. Combined with the excellent drag capacity, this ball bearing system makes the feel of this reel absolutely seamless.

Environmentally Friendly

Osprey Spinning Reel with Snook

It's practically impossible to be a fisherman without loving the environment. We spend so much time in nature and on the water that it only makes sense that we take as much care of it as we can. To this end, Florida Fishing Products runs a fantastic #FishBetter campaign.

Florida Fishing Products does a fantastic job of giving back to the estuaries their anglers spend so much time in. Through constant work with conservation partners, FFP puts an incredible amount of effort into preserving saltwater fishing for future generations to enjoy. Quarterly community clean ups help get fishermen and the community at large involved and help to make sure our waterways stay as beautiful as they should.

On top of that, 3% of sales for Osprey Fishing Reels go towards conservation. Through the #FishBetter campaign, 3% of sales help fund community outreach programs, educate fishermen on best techniques for being a more conservation minded angler, and fund non-profits by way of donation. It isn’t about putting more fish in the boat, but helping to ensure that anglers have the ability to share this sport with future generations to come.

Free 3-Day Shipping

Osprey Spinning Reel 4000

I mean, what else is there to say? There’s not much worse than when you order a new reel and have to wait over a week to receive it. All you want to do is set it up onto your rod and get on the water.

Osprey Fishing Reels come with FREE 3-Day Shipping so you can get your new set up in hand and get back out on the water as quickly as possible. You can plan your week around this service, rather than having to order a reel for who knows how far out. FREE 3-Day shipping combined with the already-lower price point that Osprey Spinning Reels have compared to competitors makes it one fantastic bargain without sacrificing quality.

For in depth specifications on the Osprey Spinning Reel, Click Here.

Brilliant Customer Service

Osprey Spinning Reel Group

Free shipping, low prices, and high-quality products are a great way to please a fisherman, but what about after that? The customer service far surpasses the giants of the fishing industry. Rather than put you on hold for over an hour while you listen to the same waiting song over and over, you'll be helped swiftly. There's no piano dial tones or high call volume warnings here, just quality customer service.

Ultimately, Osprey is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the saltwater fishing world right now. The high quality of the spinning reels on offer combine with excellent customer service and low price (with free shipping, of course) to provide an amazing option for any fisherman. The next time you’re heading inshore to drop a line, make sure you’re bringing an Osprey fishing reel with you.