2018 ICAST New Product Showcase

After nearly two years of collecting feedback from fishing guides, professional anglers, and weekend warriors, Florida Fishing Products launches their re-designed Osprey Spinning Reel into the 2018 ICAST New Product Showcase.

"We're confident that our reels can compete with those from the big names in the industry. We've seen anglers catch permit, tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, sharks, goliath grouper, and numerous other species on our reels. We have nearly 200 fishing guides using our reels day in and day out in saltwater. It's not a question of whether or not our reels can perform, but whether or not anglers have heard of and trust our brand yet. We're confident that ICAST 2018 will be the launching point for FFP," states Florida Fishing Products Co-Founder, Ty Nelson.

Florida Fishing Products is a Florida based company started by two friends, Tim Sommer and Ty Nelson, following a crisis that Florida's anglers still face today.

"After seeing the Caloosahatchee River once again turned into dumping ground for Florida's sugar companies and many of our favorite gamefish and wildlife dying off as a result, we became up in arms about the whole mess. We soon found out that very few companies in the fishing industry were willing to take a stand for the conservation of our estuaries. As avid anglers and conservationists, Ty and I decided to do something about it...and Florida Fishing Products was born," states Florida Fishing Products Co-Founder, Tim Sommer.

Through education, community clean ups, and the donation of 3% of all of their sales back to local conservation organizations, Florida Fishing Products has committed to doing everything they can to fight for the future of the estuaries we all love to fish.